Performance Analyser & Address tracker in DeFi

Find the DeFi investment strategy that suits you

Key features

  • Address explorer: search for addresses to adapt your strategy to other investors
  • Investment tracking: Display investment metrics of a specific address performance, either on our application or on a third-party application (e.g. portfolio provider)
  • Shadow investing: Get real-time notifications of specific addresses swaps
  • Pool & addresses analysis: Get custom analysis and charts on pools and addresses behavior

Analytics API

Aleno is able to provide financial metrics relative to DEXs such as :

  • Addresses
  • Tokens
  • Pools

Contact us to get all the metrics avalaible on our app or via API


You are looking to integrate analytics to your tool, get specific metrics, develop a dedicated app? Contact us to see how we can collaborate together

About us

Antoine Vales

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from La Sorbonne as Data-Scientist

Former AI Project Manager at the Banque de France

Angelo Canesso

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique as Data-Scientist

Work experience as Data Scientist at BMW

Vincent Martin

Head of Engineering

Graduated from CentraleSupelec as Engineer

Work experience as FullStack Dev at Sipios